About Us

David is a passionate birder . His enthusiasm is infectious and he has the ability to pass on this passion and his knowledge to anyone who will go with him  …  anywhere and anytime!!


Anne Mourant - Hostess of Aloe Ridge Guest Farm

The mountains, birds and farm life were obvious factors in our decision to move to Barberton, but the choice was made easier because of the climate - lovely hot summers and mild winters.

The plant bio-diversity of the area is 2nd only to the Cape Floral Kingdom - it seems everything and anything planted grows here. Given my passion for indigenous plants, fresh organic herbs and vegetables this was an obvious place to try my skills at the sustainable lifestyle we had always dreamed of.

If I had a soapbox it would be to expound on healthy living & eating; and paying attention to skin-health as vital contributions to wellness.

Everybody says “you are what you eat”, but I would prefer to say “you are what you don’t eat”! Eliminating all the chemicals via my diet or products that I use and keeping things as natural as possible in my lifestyle makes me feel a better person. It also makes me proud to be doing my bit for the environment.



Richard was born in 1979 and has spent the last 7 years travelling the world as the Manager of the Photography department on a Cruise Liner. He has gained a lot of experience in the tourism industry from both sides and wants to convert that to the business here.



The Family Pets

One of the major dreams we had when we purchased the farm was to have our pets integrated into the whole ethos of the farm. This has indeed happened. They are willing participants in everything that is going on and especially enjoy the company of the guests. But to walk around the farm with them and enjoy seeing them enjoy themselves is yet another dream come true

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